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What are guardian alpacas?

Alpacas are very alert animals with good eyesight and an innate dislike for canines and foxes. We currently run our alpacas with our Dorper Sheep.

We are using the alpaca’s instincts to achieve lambing  by running a few of our alpacas in the lambing flock to protect ewes and lambs. These alpaca’s bond with the flock and become their guardians.

How do they protect?

Alpacas have a number of ways in which they defend the animals they are guarding:

  • they will make a loud whistling noise, to alert the animals they are guarding, that foxes and or dogs are about;
  • they will unnerve foxes by eyeballing them;
  • they will pursue foxes and chase them away; and
  • if necessary they stamp at or on the predator with their front feet, rising off the ground onto their back legs if necessary before bringing their front legs down with considerable speed and force.
  • Alpacas, when provoked in such a fashion, are very fast and will catch the predator in a short distance.
"Many sheep breeders have reported their best-ever lambing percentages following the introduction of guardian alpacas."  ALPACAS AS HERD PROTECTORS, ALPACA NOTE 6 Prepared by Australian Alpaca Association - full fact sheet

We currently have some older wethers and younger wethers for sale, from $330 to $500 (depending on colour). We also have for sale some older females who make excellent guards (we think they do a better job). Contact us regarding availability.


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